Mrs S. Retired. 2020

I came to see David when it was the North East foot centre in October 2020 and I have received a first class service from them. I have been treated by David and have received exceptional service. My feet were extremely sore with ingrown toenails and corns and calluses. After receiving treatment and now surgery what a difference, years of trouble previous now removed. I had been to the GP and back with visits to ambulatory care with infections.

 Nails now sorted I can't recommend David high enough. If you're having trouble you need to give them a try (you won't regret it).

Mrs B. Walker. 2017.

Suffering from Polymyalgia and arthritis. Lots of foot and leg pain. Difficulty in walking and no strength in my legs. Just talking to David helped a great deal for me to understand what was wrong and that insoles would help. I found the difference after a few days, and six weeks later have confidence in my feet and legs -a lot more strength and a lot less pain.

 My husband and I love to walk, and I was very upset these things were stopping me from walking any distance. We are now building on our length of walks and enjoying it

 So thank you David and all the staff for caring whilst being totally professional.

 Thank you!