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Orthotist Consultation 
If injured or impaired in function, any part of the human skeleton may require some form of orthotic or support. The orthosis may be needed to reposition the body or to provide
relief from discomfort.

An orthosis is an external device used to modify the structural or functional characteristics of the neuromuscular system. (International Standards Organisation). They can  support, stabilize, rest or realign joints or the body
This covers splints, calipers, braces, supports, trusses, insoles and special footwear.

Orthotists are highly skilled part of the medical team that can assess your needs and take careful and precise measurements
They will then supervise the making, fitting and adjustment of the orthosis, as well as educating you in the fitting and use of your orthotic. We can assess you and promptly make your device. 
Our Orthotist will be  delighted to use their skills to assess how we can help with your problems. 
Orthoses and shoes can be selected from a special range of readymade devices we carry at The Gait Clinic or custom made at our suppliers.


Conditions the Orthotist may be able to help you with:

•    Orthopaedics and musculoskeletal problems
•    Rheumatoid arthritis
•    Diabetes
•    Stroke
•    Musculoskeletal problems
•    Complex disability
•    Mobility
•    Complex Footwear problems- special shoes can help stabilize the foot, relive pressure from painful areas or accommodate thicker supportive insoles. 


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Hiking with Poles

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New Insoles

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We will get you to fill in a new patient form.

Get it here.

Tell us what the problem is and any health issues that may be relevant. Arrive EARLY!

We will discuss the problem, the history and recommend suitable devices

During the treatment we will do what we can to reduce pain and help you to Movement health plus fit or measure for your device.

We will discuss a plan to improve your condition  in the long term, included the use  of your device.

What happens at an Orthotist appointment?

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