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Please see below to many frequently asked questions. if you cant find the answer you need, you are welcome to call or send us a message using the contact form below.

  • What are your charges?
    Services and prices can be found here.
  • Do you have parking?
    Yes we have4 free spaces that you can use if you have an appointment . You access this by coming down St. Thomas Street from the RVI and turn right into the space just after our clinic. Please check before hand and ask us to unlock the gate on arrival.
  • What are your qualifications?
    Our Podiatrist, Orthotist and Physiotherapist have degrees in their professions and are HCPC registered. In addition the Podiatrist has post graduate qualifications in gait analysis. Our strength and conditioning coach has a masters degree in S and C
  • Where are you?
    City Centre Newcastle upon Tyne. We are 2 minutes walk from the Haymarket Metro and Haymarket bus station. St. Thomas Street is the road going up from the Haymarket up towards the RVI. To access the car park you need to come down from the RVI.
  • Which professional should I choose?
    You can look at the website under services and a brief description would be: Podiatry for skin & nail problems or advice. Advanced gait analysis for leg or foot pain, walking, running or movement problems Strength and Conditioning for Rehab, recovery, performance and endurance Physiotherapy for injury and rehab Massage for stiffness, pain and relaxation Orthotist for support on any part of the body But better to ring our excellent reception team and tell them your issues and they will guide you. Call 0191 232 5896.
  • What is gait analysis?
    This is a detailed look at your walking or running movement. A history is taken and the assessment involves looking at you standing, lying and moving. many specific tests are done and you will receive a written report afterwards with conclusions and a plan. We have made a video to help with this.
  • Do you sell insoles?
    We have a great range of Sidas insoles, available to buy off the shelf, plus Thuasne braces, Joya shoes and many other foot help appliances.
  • Where is Peacocks?
    Peacocks medical Group passed over the former business on the site to the former and current manager David Eardley . David has refined the business to offer a much improved musculoskeletal treatment centre. Many of the same products are still available, but we no longer do home aids and mobility products. We still have insoles, braces, footwear and many other great products.
  • Do you sell Joya shoes?
    Yes, we have a great stock of many popular styles, if we do not have it we can get them in at a small cost within 24 hours, or at no cost in our weekly orders. Our prices tend to be cheaper than many online sites.
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