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We now know that keeping moving is good for our Physical and Mental health. Recently its been highlighted that inactivity can make us vulnerable to all manner of illnesses, both chronic and, increasingly- viral.
But do you have problems that hold you back, such as a painful foot, knee pain when you try to run or just feeling uncomfortable when walking any distance?

We are the professionals to help!

We will understand your musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction by listening, doing a comprehensive examination and using advanced tools such as force plates and pressure plates to build a detailed picture of your movement function.

With understanding and a diagnosis, we will agree with you a treatment plan that could include training plans, exercise therapy & Personal Training,  Strength & Conditioning, mobilisation of joints, massage, acupuncture or world class orthotics and  insoles.

We have a whole host of therapeutic skills to help you get back to where you would like to be, whether it be walking to the shops or going for a 10k personal best.

It may be just one of us that sees you, or  a combination.

When you are are at your best we can help you stay that way through our regular classes.



Our lead reception team Helen and Hilary


Our reception team has great experience in the health and customer service industries and we are really lucky to have them.

Debbie and Helen can help with your choice of products and advise which of our team you should see.

They can help with off the shelf insoles, braces such as knee braces foot products and supports plus a great selection of Joya shoes.

Lead Podiatrist
Gait Analysis
Business Owner


David has a passionate interest in diagnosing and treating a wide range of foot and leg pathologies and their effect on the whole body.

He has a particular interest in  walking and running gait analysis and foot orthoses prescription with specialisation in 3D printed Foot Orthoses, for which he has presented a scientific posters and is inventor on patents.

   David has been adding to his foot health knowledge since 1985 and is currently studying for a Masters degree in  Clinical Gait Analysis         


  • Specialist and referral point for gait analysis & foot orthoses, including clients at premiership football teams, other professional sports teams, and individual athletes. 

  • Developed North East’s first Podiatric based cycling assessments

  • Manager of THE GAIT CLINIC

  • Qualified practitioner in Podiatric acupuncture

  • Laser therapy practitioner

  • Regular Lecturer to Health Care Professionals.

  • Accredited clinical educator

  • Bond Solon qualified in Medico- legal reports 


Outside work.

David is married and has four children that keeps him busy, but he is instilling in them his lifelong interest in running, cycling, outdoors, camping and mountaineering.


Throughout this time, David has managed to also become a qualified British Sub Aqua Club Advanced Diver and Instructor, a qualified British Parachute Association Instructor and Formation Skydiving Coach and got his 1st Dan in Kendo 2015.

David now in his spare time is a Scout leader and  a qualified Mountain Leader, using these skills to get more people enjoying and valuing the outdoors.

  • B.Sc. Bachelor of Science in Podiatry

  • PG.Dip. Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Gait Analysis

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Sports Massage
Group Strength Classes


Josh has a Master of Science Degree in Strength & Conditioning and a 1st Class Honors Degree in Applied Sport Science,.

Josh also obtained his Sports Massage qualification in 2019, he has since loved every minute of the journey. He has a professional attentiveness that doesn’t go unnoticed. Here’s a few words from him.

“Hi Team, glad to hear that you are interested in improving YOUR strength and Conditioning.

Taking place in our own gym and studio, firstly, we tend to focus on movement quality to improve performance, this can be in any given sport focusing on speed, strength, and power. Equally, it could be improving performance in real-life scenarios, such as standing up with ease for elderly clients.

Secondly, we focus on preventing injury. Developing better movement patterns helps to prevent injury in athletes which can help accelerate their career. In our real-life scenario, this could be an elderly client working on proprioception & balance to help them fall less frequently.

Strength and conditioning is a great way to transform your body and get huge results, whether you’re an athlete or amateur, expert, or just starting out. It encompasses so much more than just lifting weights and focuses on a variety of tools to improve movement, health, and physical performance.

Strength and conditioning used to be a niche environment believed only to be for athletes, but as more people come to understand the many benefits of movement-based fitness; the strength and conditioning market is growing. Methods include plyometrics, speed and agility, mobility, core stability, endurance, and weight training and so much more depending on the individual or team’s needs.

if Sports Massage is something you’re used to or you simply want to give it a try, the Gait Clinic is the place for you. Doesn’t muscle recovery & relaxation, grinding out those knots, locating imbalances or getting a well-deserved treatment just sound good? Here we will lay out the path to getting you back moving the way you want. Being back on top form isn’t just a want, it’s a need. Your recovery, comfort and wellbeing will be at the centre of each treatment, in a safe professional environment. Whether you simply need 30 minutes to unwind, or a vigorous 1 hour full body treatment, I am here to help! I look forward to meeting you, Josh.”

  • M.Sc. Master of Science in Strength and Conditioning

  • B.Sc. Bachelor of Science in Sports Science

  • Level 3 ITEC Sports Massage

Sports Massage


carl 1mb.jpg

Carl is a specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, experienced sports massage therapist and certified acupuncturist.

From Carl: The greatest joy I have in my career is helping someone return to what they are most passionate in life about. I have a host of experience returning people to sport, work, gardening, engaging in their family relationships and overcoming chronic pain. I treat everyone as an individual, and like to take the time to get to know you and your needs to carefully select an appropriate treatment plan. So whether you’re recovering from surgery, dealing with a lifelong disorder or have acquired an injury along the way, I am here to help you get back to doing what you love. Typical treatments you can expect from me would be manual therapies, exercise prescription, education on your condition and behaviour modification. Each of these are powerful tools in allowing you to engage back in your personal lives pain free and fully functional.

Outside of work, I am a keen outdoor rock climber, runner, yogi and MMA enthusiast. I understand how people’s physical health is linked to their mental health and how not being able to do what you love affects you emotionally. This understanding motivates me to be effective in practise with communication and treatment plan to get you back out there performing the way you desire.

I have also recently become a proud father, and currently enjoying the endless road of discovery that comes with raising a baby girl. So for any new parents out there, I can relate to what you now have to put your body through with the nursing, carrying and all the rest. If you are a new parent and wish to remain strong enough to raise your children the way you want to, I am here to help!

  • B.Sc. Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy


sean riley.jpg

Shaun has a Bachelor of Science in Orthotics.

Shaun graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2016 with a BSc (Hons) in Orthotics and Prosthetics. Prior to this Shaun has gained valuable experience as an Orthotic Technician where they have been heavily involved in the design and manufacturing of custom orthoses. Over the past 20 years his experience has taken him throughout the UK and across New Zealand.
Post-graduation Shaun has extended his career as an Orthotist working in an NHS setting with a keen interest in Lower limb biomechanics.

Orthotists are highly skilled part of the medical team that can assess your needs and take careful and precise measurements
They will then supervise the making, fitting and adjustment of the orthosis, as well as educating you in the fitting and use of your orthotic. We can assess you and promptly make your device. Shaun would be delighted to use his skills to assess how we can help with your problems. 
Orthoses and shoes can be selected from a special range of readymade devices we carry at The Gait Clinic or custom made by our suppliers.
In fact, Shaun is a director at Gaitworx Ltd, a local an highly skilled manufacturer of foot orthoses.

Andre Viana


Andre is a UK trained Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor based in Newcastle upon Tyne.
He has over 8 years of experience working with wide range of clients including people who have desk based jobs, those returning to exercise, people looking to achieve weight loss goals and professional athletes preparing for a competition.
A few words from Andre,

" I enjoy helping others on their journey whether that is back to sporting activities or simply to live healthier .
In my work I use a combination of resistance training, movement assessment, Pilates and strengthening exercises to help and treat musculoskeletal pain and injuries.
I am a avid sports person myself and have a keen interest in Pilates because it is an integrated training system promoting strength, balanced muscle development, flexibility and increased range of motion for the joints."

Paula Bennet


Paula has taught Pilates since 2009. She teaches group classes, one to one sessions and reformer sessions.

Paula has trained on the specialist Level 4 lower back care course and has trained extensively in many areas of Pilates. Paula is continually training and has just completed her Yoga certificate with a view to combining knowledge from many different disciplines into her Pilates classes.  

After working on her own knee and back issues Paula become very much interested in gait analysis and the important role the foot plays in this.

Alongside her Pilates teaching Paula also works as a Strength and Balance trainer for Age UK and works with people who have been referred by the NHS falls clinic. Paula often combines strength and balance exercises into her Pilates classes.

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