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Laser Therapy

Safe, Therapeutic Class IV laser treatment at The Gait Clinic

We can now include laser therapy as part of your treatment plan. This treatment is highly effective and could get you pain free and back to doing the activities you enjoy as quickly as possible.


What is MLS Laser Therapy?


MLS Laser therapy is a completely safe, non-invasive and painless method of managing acute or chronic pain and inflammation including  arthritis or injury. The laser supplies light energy directly to your cells which encourages your body’s own healing process and reduces pain.


How Does it Work?


The MLS laser delivers two wavelengths, 808nm and 905nm in a synchronised manner. Because the stronger 905nm wavelength is nanopulsed (this means it pulses on and off rapidly), any risk of thermal damage to your tissue is removed and the laser is completely safe to use. The 808nm wavelength targets tissue repair and regeneration and the 905nm wavelength has an analgesic effect and targets pain and inflammation.

The laser works to create vasodilation (expansion of the blood vessels) in the area it is treating. This leads to an increase in oxygen, healing cells and anti-inflammatory proteins as well as a ‘wash out’ effect which helps to clear waste products and pro-inflammatory molecules. Laser therapy also reduces the speed of the transmissions of pain messages in the nerves and helps muscles to relax. Finally, laser can help to reduce swelling by flushing out and pushing through any fluid accumulations.


How Many Treatments Will I need?


Laser treatment is cumulative which means each treatment builds upon the effects of the last. For this reason we try and see you as regularly as possible to maintain and increase the effects from each treatment. The number of treatments required varies because everybody is different however depending on the condition and your body’s response you may need between 2-15 sessions. Generally, we work on an initial course of 4  sessions carried out at 2 sessions per week. Acute conditions may need fewer treatments with chronic issues potentially requiring more. Please attend each session as recommended by your clinician so you can obtain optimal effect from your laser treatment.


What Can I Expect?


After an initial assessment to diagnose your issue and develop a treatment plan, we will begin your course of laser therapy. Your clinician will decide the appropriate settings for your condition and then the laser will be placed on or directed over the area of pain or injury. Once the laser is started you will most likely only be aware of the feeling of the wand moving across your skin or in the case of laser which is not in contact with your body, you may not feel anything. This can be strange as we expect to feel something (often pain!) as a method of healing. Trust us, the laser works without causing you any discomfort at all.

Your appointment will be 30 mins and the actual laser application time can be anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes long (or even a little longer) depending on your issue and the treatment protocol required.


Are There Any Side Effects?


Very occasionally a body will ‘over react’ to the laser treatment and will experience a temporary increase in inflammation, usually lasting 24-48 hours. This is rare however if it does happen, please don’t worry. It’s just the way your body has responded to the treatment which indicates that the treatment has caused cellular changes and a process is underway in your area of pain. You will most likely feel better after this rebound response than you did before. If this happens, please tell your clinician and they will reduce the settings on the machine for your next treatment.


How Quickly Will It Work?


We often see results after 1-3 sessions. Remember that laser is cumulative and you’re most likely to see results as you go through your course of treatment. It’s also really important that you stick to any other elements of your treatment plan such as exercises, taping or activity modification etc to allow for the best results possible.


Your Appointment


Please arrive promptly so we can make the most of our treatment time with you. It may be helpful for you to bring shorts or wear loose fitting clothing which can be rolled up or moved out of the way (eg a vest when treating shoulders etc). We may need to treat a larger area than just the immediate point of pain so this is helpful for us and may be more comfortable for you. We expect your treatment to last for approximately 30 minutes.


We look forward to getting underway with your laser treatments.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact using the number, email address or form below.

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