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If you want to find out what you know- teach!

After a year of being open, we decided to invite local Physiotherapists and Podiatrists to an open and lecture evening. This really hones the senses and focusses your attention. Josh (our strength and conditioning coach) and I decided to do it on, "assessing running gait in the clinic".

Not all practices have facilities such as ours and a lot of examining rooms are small.

So how do you assess running gait in a space where you can only take 3 steps?

Needless to say, we put together a well received lecture that discussed the latest research and methods to get runners doing demanding moves to show up their gait anomalies.

We had some great Physios attend and staff from local running stores, namely start fitness..

This sort of thing consolidates your knowledge and as a registered clinical educator, this is something our lead Podiatrist, David, has had to do on many occasions. It established the Gait Clinic as a useful venue for small, relevant educational talks too.

So if you are thinking of sharing your knowledge, give it a go!

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