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Why advanced?  We offer the most thorough gait analysis available in the North East.

 We use experience, training and instrumented measurement to get to the true nature of your issues. Not only will we observe  you walking, running or doing  your 'Play' moves, but we will measure and quantify using the most advanced gait instrumentation usually only available in specialist hospital departments or universities.

Can also be called musculoskeletal assessment or sports biomechanics.

Watch a video about Gait analysis here

A woman in a coat walking

Get ready for your appointment

We really want to help! Being early and prepared helps to make effective use of time.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow time form filling or get it in advance HERE
Bring any relevant Doctors or Consultant reports and names of any medication you are taking.
Please bring gym type clothes, shorts and vest are ideal.
Bring one pair of leisure and one pair of work footwear that you find the most comfortable, or that are causing you particular problems
Any previous insoles that you have found to be successful (or not!).

Doctor and Patient

We want to listen.

In the consultation we will ask you about what and when.

We will ask has happened, how your injury affects your life and what you hope the outcome will be. Be prepared to talk about the overall stresses and pressures of life, recovering from any injury or improving performance needs a balanced approach.

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What happens during

Pressure plate analysis
Pre-information gathering via a comprehensive assessment form
1-hour assessment including, standing and lying measurements


After the consultation

Review of the observations

Review of any video and instrumented measurements

Writing up of the treatment plan

Conclusions of the consultation & sending written treatment plan.


Man Using Tablet

What might be in the treatment plan

Advice on overall load management.
Planning training for key events or return to normal activity.
Exercise program to strengthen damaged or weakened tissues.
Use of foot orthoses and footwear to aid healing, function or performance.
Use of other supports, such as a knee brace.
Specific Rehabilitation program including foot  mobilisations, acupuncture and guided exercises.

Advice on further investigations required by us such as  in-shoe pressure measurement

Referral letters or requests for further investigation to other health professionals.


What happens next?

We will invite you back to execute the plan and discuss the findings. Do we agree on the plan?

Time allowing some of the treatment plan can be commenced in the initial consultation.

We will follow your progress via repeat appointments, emails or phone consultations until resolution or best expectations.

Comfort Guarantee

Not happy with Foot Orthoses we have issued?

Dont worry, we'll fix it.