Sports Injury

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage and Sports massage

Whilst coming under the same massage umbrella, therapeutic massage is more about relaxing the mind, and body.

Sports  Massage is a type of massage therapy which utilises deep tissue techniques, with the aim of reducing muscular tension, discomfort and pain. Your therapist will discuss your movement health Journey and help decide on the best techniques to suit your needs.

More about Sports Massage:  Although sports participants benefit from sports massage, this method of massage isn’t restricted to sports participants, as the deep tissue massage techniques can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, such as:

*Muscular and joint injuries such as sprains and strains
*Postural related pain
* Whiplash
* Golfers and tennis elbow
* Repetitive strain injuries
* Back and neck pain

* Shoulder pain

* Hip pain

* Golfers and tennis elbow

* Sciatica

* Foot pain and Achilles pain

* Anxiety and stress

Typically, sports massage techniques are fast-paced and incorporate stretching and compression movements. A sports massage therapist will use a variety of deep tissue techniques throughout a treatment which involve longitudinal stripping, friction techniques, tapotement and muscle energy techniques such as PNF stretching, active movement and trigger point compression.

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About  Massage Therapist Ellie Eitani

Ellie Eitani is an accomplished massage therapist and a member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA).

For the past 5 years Ellie has gained vast experience working with sportsmen and women of all levels, clients with specific injuries and those who use massage for stress relief and relaxation.

Her aim is to effectively treat all Musculoskeletal conditions to provide a complete package of care and maintenance. In her own words “By implementing the varied therapy skills I have, I tailor each treatment to suit your individual need”


Her aim is to promote well-being and balance, relaxing tense muscles, improving circulation, range of movement and relieving pain

She is qualified in:
Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy

Soft Tissue Release (STR) and Muscle Energy Techniques

Myofascial dry Cupping

Dry needling including Auricular and Acupuncture

Pregnancy Massage

Thai Stick Foot Massage

Harmonic Technique.

You can catch up with her posts facebook: @elliemassagetherapy

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About Sports Masseur Josh Eardley

Josh has a first class Graduate in Sports Science and is currently study for a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning plus his Personal Trainer qualifications

 Josh has been qualified in Sports Massage for 2 years and will be offering Sports Massage at The Gait Clinic from March 2022

  • B.Sc. Bachelor of Science in Sports Science

  • Level 3 ITEC Sports Massage

Josh has a professional attentiveness that doesn’t go unnoticed. Here’s a few words from him.

“Hi Team, if Sports Massage is something you’re used to  or you simply want to give it a try, The Gait Clinic is the place for you. Doesn’t muscle recovery & relaxation, grinding out those knots, locating imbalances or getting a well-deserved treatment just sound good? Here we will lay out the path to getting you back moving the way you want. Being back on top form isn’t just a want, it’s a need. Your recovery, comfort and wellbeing will be at the centre of each treatment, in a safe professional environment. Whether you simply need 30 minutes to unwind, or a vigorous 1 hour full body treatment, I am here to help! I look forward to meeting you, Josh.”

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